Portraits: Summary of Steps for Working Together

The following is a quick summary of how we’ll work together to complete a portrait session for you.

Figuring Out Rates

First, inquire about rates for the portraits you want. There are a variety of options. This includes studio-only sessions, options where I come to your location, or we go to a pre-determined location. There are also options with digital files only and also with high-quality prints done right in-studio. Feel free to contact The Light Committee if you need help deciding.

Pre-Shoot Requirements

As always, there is required paperwork. For a studio session, this includes a standard release from liability and permission for photography. Other permissions and releases may be needed for shoots at other locations.

Planning & Shooting

Studio sessions are straight-forward. For the most part, you simply show up for your session ready to go. However, some guidance on what to wear, etc. might be provided. For on-location portrait sessions, additional planning might be needed, depending on the location.

After the Shoot

When the shoot is done, you will be provided a link to review thumbnail versions of the photos from the shoot (low-resolution watermarked images). Based on the agreed-upon number of finished photos to provide, this is when you make your selections. I will then do touch-ups on the selected photos, though extensive editing requiring more than 10-15 minutes per photo is additional.

Receiving the Photos

You’ll be notified when the photos are ready and provided a link where you can download them. Finished photos are provided as two file types. One file type is to save as the original high resolution file. It is print-quality, in case you ever wanted to have prints done. A second file will be a web-ready version that is a much smaller file size suitable for posting online, such as to social media profiles, to email to friends and family, etc. RAW (original source files) files are not provided unless a per-image copyright buyout is accomplished as a separate and additional agreement.

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